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Unblock that firewall!

Access the open Internet while you are locked behind a restrictive firewall at school, office, or during travel.

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Unblock Institutional Firewalls

If you connect to an Internet hotspot at university, office or during travel, you may notice that occasionally some internet sites are blocked or censored.

A VPN is what you need to bypass these types of restrictions and regain your internet freedom.

Surfing privately

Some universities, schools and corporations do monitor their network's internet activity - including yours.

A VPN encrypts your Internet data and provides you with internet browsing privacy, so no one - school faculty, IT admins or your ISP - can know what you’re up to online. It's your right to a private Internet life!

Maximized Security

Even though the WiFi network at your school is more than likely password protected, many people know what the password is. This provides an open door for hackers to setting up a phony network using the same password an utilize the infamous man-in-the middle attack.

These are the same types of dangers you’d encounter on any WiFi network in a public space, whether it’s a cafe, public square, or airport. The solution is to use a VPN to encrypt your Internet data in a secure tunnel, so your Internet data can never be exposed to your local network.

Unblock access to Social Media platforms, Streaming Services, Gaming Servers, YouTube and More!

It’s unfortunate and frustrating to many students that gaming sites as well as streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime are censored by educational institutions worldwide.

Using a VPN, you can get around your institution's firewall to stream, play, watch, torrent and surf freely and securely.


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