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MaxiVPN masks your IP address for safe and fast torrent downloading

The BitTorrent protocol is a bit funny. If someone knows your IP address, they can easily see what exactly you have downloaded over the past few months. The solution is simple - Enable VPN and hide your real IP address!

Hide your IP address when using BitTorrent

When you don’t use a VPN while torrenting, you are exposing all your torrenting activity to anyone that knows your IP address. However, when using a VPN your actual IP address is masked, and your connection shows the IP address as well as the approximate physical location of the secured VPN server in use. This IP address is shared with many other users, which makes it impossible to trace any torrenting activity back to you.

MaxiVPN has a strict minimal logging policy, so your information is indeed private. Masking your IP address with a VPN allows you to use the BitTorrent in a safe and anonymous manner.

Prevent Data Leaks by Turning on the Kill Switch

If your VPN connection becomes unstable for any reason, MaxiVPN's Kill Switch feature will kick in automatically, and block any outgoing or incoming traffic from your device, halting any leaks that could reveal your IP address and compromise your privacy and security.

How Safe is MaxiVPN for Torrenting?

MaxiVPN keeps NO LOGS of your internet activity, so you can not be identified. MaxiVPN takes your privacy and anonymity very seriously and all actions are concealed from prying eyes.


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