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Get The Internet Experience That You Deserve.

Seize your right to privacy and enjoy the open Internet wherever you are with the fastest and most powerful VPN solution on the market.

Get MaxiVPN

30-day money-back guarantee

Maximum Security

Secure Your Devices

Protect your Internet data flowing in and out across ALL your devices!

Protect IP Address

Protect Your Privacy

Take your online privacy and anonymity to the highest level.

Online Freedom

Access Any Content

Enjoy all the content you want. No censorship or bandwidth limits. 

Certified Apps

Avoid ISP Throttling

Don't let your ISP the chance to mess with your Internet connection speed!

MaxiVPN Features

Support UNLIMITED number of devices

Whether it’s Windows, macOS, Android or iOS - use VPN protection on an unlimited number of devices (fair usage policy applies).

High Speed Servers

Connect to our super-fast VPN servers wherever you are,  with faster connection, transfer and response times. 

Minimal-Logs Policy

MaxiVPN has a strict minimal logs policy to ensure that your online activities are hidden from 3rd-parties.

Military Grade data encryption

Close your Internet window on the Government, ISPs and Hackers with Military-grade data encryption.

Customer Support

Top Customer Support

Servicing our customers is our top priority. If you don't win, neither do we. 

Non-hidden team

We are headquartered in Hackensack, NJ. Everyone from our customer service reps to our technicians is readily available for your needs.

30-day money-back guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee

We stand by our product, and offer our customers a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. 

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What can you achieve with MaxiVPN?

Securing your WiFi connectivity on the go

MaxiVPN encrypts all Internet data transmitted in and out of your device. No Internet data between your device to MaxiVPN servers can be read or modified by Hackers, Governments or even your own ISP.

Protecting your online identity

MaxiVPN conceals your real IP address. Your IP address is assigned to you by your ISP, and normally used by advertisers to track your online activities. No more!

Hiding your online activities

MaxiVPN hides your network activities. ISPs are allowed to collect, use and sell information about your online habits without asking for your permission. MaxiVPN can stop it.

Accessing streaming content

MaxiVPN unblocks hundreds of streaming sites - including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and plenty of other providers.

Overcoming speed throttling by your ISP

MaxiVPN overcomes speed restrictions placed by your ISP to slow down specific traffic patterns such as torrenting.

P2P torrenting with unlimited bandwidth

MaxiVPN supports torrenting on designated P2P servers. Enjoy high-speed unlimited data transfer.

300+ VPN Servers in 49 Countries

North America

  • United States
  • Canada

Central and South America

  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Argentine

Middle East and Africa

  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Israel
  • South Africa


  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Czech Republic
  • Norway
  • Moldova
  • Austria
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Finland
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Romania
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Ukraine


  • India
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Japan
  • Hong-Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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