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First things first - what's an IP address?

Any device connected to the internet is assigned with an IP address, including your own device right now. Sample IP address can look like (IPv4) or 2620:fe::fe, 2620:fe::9 (IPv6). Your IP address is normally linked to your ISP and the geographic area where you are right now. This allows sites, apps and advertisers to uniquly identify their visitors and users - including their approximate physical location - without requesting any permission from them.

Why would you want to hide your IP address?

Advertisers, governments and hackers want to see what you do online - and each one of them got their own reasons. Hiding your real IP address is the first step to protect your Online Privacy. Once your IP address is hidden - no one on the net would be able to tell your approximate physical location, unless you permit them to. Combined with the Private / Incognito mode of your browser, you are completely anonymous on the web.

Masking your online identity

You can become an anonymous Internet user in less than 2 minutes. All you need is a trusted and secured VPN service such as MaxiVPN to protect your IP address from being exposed out in the wild. MaxiVPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and our fast secured servers, making your originating IP address invisible to anyone.

Why a shared IP address is a good idea?

When you connect to the internet on an unsecured network, your data isn’t encrypted. This means that your ISP, Hackers, Snoopers and others can see the data flowing and out of your device. Establishing a VPN connection with MaxiVPN creates an encrypted secured network tunnel from your device to the internet. All the ingoing and outgoing data within that tunnel is encrypted with up to Military-grade encryption - so NO ONE along the way can see what you are doing online.

During the tunneling process, MaxiVPN also masks your actual IP address with a 'new' IP address that is associated with our server, based on your geographical selection. Our IP addresses are shared with other users of MaxiVPN - which makes it impossible for any hacker, government or advertiser to trace any internet activity to you on the network level.

This protects your identity, location and most importantly any internet activities from anyone trying to snoop in to locate you via your IP address.

Why is MaxiVPN the best choice to hide your IP address?

There are many ways to hide your IP address. MaxiVPN stands above the competition by offering a FAST and secured VPN service with no data logs retained. In addition, all our apps include Kill Switches - so your real IP address will never be revealed even if the VPN connection drops down for any reason.

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